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Jackson Lekan Ojo-Fatoye

Cakes Studio Abuja

Leadership is a business for serious minds. Any political party that is
led by very erratic,whimsical and vindictive leader will always push
their ignorance of the basic tenets of seeing their members as subjects.

In our type of democracy, the people are the masters and the leaders
only their servants but reverse is the case in our political system now
and it has beginning to boomerang on som of the parties,unfortunately
,the ruling party in Nigeria, All progressive Congress (APC).

The main opposition PDP is not even fighting the ruling party has it was
expected but the APC within itself created an internal opposing forces
that usually generates series of unquenchable implosion in the party and
gradually wearing and weaking the party thereby fertilising the growth
of the major opposition party PDP.

Immediately Oshiomole emmerge as the chairman of APC, the situation we
thought was going to improved got devastated by the style of the very
loquacious National chairman.  A clique grew in the party that dictates
to the chairman  against the wishes of other clique.

Calculation for 2023 began even before  2019 election, alignment and
realignment for 2023 began before 2019 election,structures against
structures for 2023 almost cost the APC it’s victory at the 2019
presidential polls.

This self created implosion has so far cost APC colossal failure in
Rivers and Zamfara state where the entire elective offices were
avoidably lost to PDP, it also caused the loss of gubernatorial
victories to PDP in Oyo,Bauchi,Imo, Adamawa, Sokoto,Benue etc while it
narrowly escaped Kano, plateau, Osun, Ogun,and Nassarawa.

APC also lost the presidential election in Ondo and Edo with a sitting
governor of the party there.
This is enough to send ominous signs and signal to the party but the
internal rancour is aggravating uncontrollably on a daily basis.

Two outgoing governors are on suspension from the party now with  first
term governor. Party where a sitting governors belongs to two parties
and no disciplinary action against them until the caused the damage,
party where the president who is the leader of the party could not
caution people that openly involved in anti -party activities.

President Buhari is the only unifying factor in APC,he is the only glue
gumming them together and he is like not having interest in bringing the
agreed groups together for settlements which is going to dismember the
party before the next election unless a builder comes in to reorganise
the party.

PDP with 10 governors in 2015 is boasting of 17 now and still hopeful.
National assemblies leadership tussles if not well managed way become
another cancer on the flesh of APC.
Nigerians are not thirsty of PDP now but lack of party administration
and conflict resolution mechanism is gradually killing APC and the only
alternative for now is PDP.

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