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Would you pay 1M for a three-hour full body massage of every inch with Randa Eissa

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Randa Eissa is an Egyptian music artist born in Saudi Arabia. She is currently one of the fastest rising stars in Egypt and she thrives to expand her reach to the rest of the world. She took to her Instagram handle to announce a program she is hosting. She would choose the lucky one this month as the winner who would receive a full body massage- every inch would be massaged for a little token of 1 million naira.

“Hey guys, I’m offering a full body massage for just one person in Lagos, I prefer around 10th to 11th November. The massage would last for 3hrs, it could be in a hotel; for ONE MILLION NAIRA and no hanky panky, no extra service; and don’t try to have hanky panky or any kind of extra service. It is just a massage for fun, only for one person.

The lucky winner would be announced based on the winner’s discretion”.

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To ensure it is worth the time and money, she did mention to one of the commenters that the massage oil would be from the tree of Moses in Egypt; extra anointing, excess pleasure.

It is not very obvious yet whether there has been a lucky winner as she has not taken to her handle to announce anything about the winner as she said she would.

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