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World toilet day was created by the United Nations Organization for the purpose of eradicating open defecation after statistics revealed that about 673 Million people around the world practice open defecation due to lack of safely managed sanitation.

Actually open defecation is the emptying of bowel in the open without the use of properly designed structures built for handling human waste such as toilets.

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It is obvious that in many parts of Nigeria today open defecation is widely practiced because most citizens living in the rural areas do not have the adequate facility and structure to empty their bowels properly, and also they do not know the impact of what they do on the society.

Hence Hotjist.com decided to carry not this report to help educate the public on the effects of open defecation on the society.

According to Environmentalist Rinkesh, continuous open defecation would lead to water borne disease, this is because most defecation are done next to water ways and rivers which would then flow into the rural areas and unknown to residents of the area the same water would be used for domestic activities like cooking, washing clothes, and even drinking then along the line they contract Diarrhea.

Apart from water borne disease open defecation would attract flies and other insects and these insects travel miles after they must have perched majestically on feces. Then the same would land its feet on people’s food and drinks which could lead to cholera.

Another sad but very prominent effect of open defecation is ‘Malnutrition in Children’.

Once a child is a victim of one of the mentioned diseases he begins to loose a lot of appetite for food and this would also result in weight loss and malnutrition in children.

However Hotjist.com extended the question to citizens to get their views on the issue which is like a locust that continually bites on the leaves of the environment.

A businessman who did not disclose his name told hotjist that open defecation would lead to environmental degradation he added that it would lead to environmental pollution and also spread unwanted diseases in the environment.

Student Agele David while discussing on the same issue open defecation could also bring good results when done in the right place.

Just as you are surprised now we were also surprised until he said plants get their nutrient from feces, he added that it is done on a farm land it could be beneficial to the plants.

“When it is done in specific areas like on a farm land then it can be helpful to the plants” he said.

Another businessman, Adebayo, said after the feces is dried, there is a possibility that it would also be transported by breeze and then people would inhale the particles. According to him open defecation is not helping the community and should be stopped in every way.

Speaking from a different perspective Banker Kelvin said, when people practice open defecation they are exposing the wrong idea to the younger generation and them this children tend to grow up with the mentality of open defecation being right.

He also said there is really no need for people to defecate or even urinate on the street as there’s always an alternative.

“I work here in the bank and I can tell you for a fact that there are so many people who are not our customers but they come in whenever they are pressed to use the toilet and nobody question them” He said.

Having gathered all these the only question lingering unanswered is ‘How can open defecation be taken care of?’.

To solve this issue it takes the action of individuals and even the government to address the social and environmental challenge.

The Government and other Non governmental organizations should make conscious effort to build public toilets in order to create a medium of proper defecation and sanitation.

The residents should also be given proper education on the negative effects of open defecation, and if all these can be achieved then open defecation can be successfully eradicated

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