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As a lay man, when you hear the word ‘Colorado’ what comes to mind is ‘a State in the Unite States of America’ but Colorado answers to something different here in Nigeria.

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Colorado is the strongest and most dangerous illegal drugs consumed by Nigerian youths. Unlike cocaine, marijuana, and the likes, this particular one called Colorado can make one go insane from taking the first drag.

Research revealed that Colorado contains Cocaine, Heroine, Methylenedioxy-Methamphetamine MDMA commonly known as ‘Molly’, LSD and many other Narcotics.

A Nigerian who patronizes weed sellers told hotjist that if a normal smoke worth N100 is divide into four parts, a part of it if it were to be Colorado is normally sold for N1000 and still a lot of Nigerian youth would buy this sachet of destruction just to get high.

Another Nigerian who is familiar with street life, after pleading anonymity said many people try out Colorado out of curiosity.

He said, “Anything done with drugs is not with full self-consciousness, it’s like experiencing something in a trance. The quest to have the real feeling keeps the addict going back because after the effect of the drugs is over, everything that happened will be like a dream. The dealers hype it and young people and even older ones out of curiosity try it out, then to those whose brains can carry it, at first trial, it’s like “I ain’t feeling this sh*t”.

“Basically, all drugs weakens the brain while some give extreme energy or takes energy away, depending on their content. The addict would try again to see if he/she will feel the sh*t, still nothing but he/she has made friends in that circle, so it’s a no-going-back-thing and the addictive content kicks in, hey! the individual is addicted, like they say in the street, he/she got hooked on the sh*t.”

Speaking on the reactions on some ladies, he added;

“As for babes, it helps them get shameless, forgetting the woman dignity in them that makes them carry their body in dignity and want to be in control and conscious of who they give it to. Once they take this stuff and get high, their brains get weak, body gets hyper sensitive and …. anything goes.”

“Of course, it gives them some unforgettable experience and performance that comes to them like recollection from a trance after recovering from its effect. At a high level, an addict lives through life like it’s all in trance, he/she doesn’t really know what he/she is doing, no real self awareness.”

It would interest you to know that when a person takes Colorado for the first time, He can go insane if care is not taken. But after the person is able to survive the first reaction of insanity the rest is “water mood” meaning they continue to take it constantly.

Another reason why young adults and even adults go through all these in the name of getting high is because, most of them are in a phase where they begin to compare their present with their future in the sense that they judge their future based on how bad their life already is. many also suffer from anxiety disorder and depression and they now see smoking and getting high as a getaway activity or solution to their problems.

26 year old single mother of two, Mrs Judith who is an addicted smoker told Hotjist.com that she smokes ‘cracks’ and other ‘stuffs’ but she has never tried Colorado. According to her, whenever she is high, she can go on a five hour Marathon sex without getting tired, adding that no normal person can go that far.

Pharmacist Mr Oladapo while discussing the issue of drugs among youths said the Government agencies like the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA, should be more proactive to be able to curb drug abuse in the Country.

He said “If urgent care is not taken Drug addiction and abuse will ruin a large chunk of Nigeria’s upcoming generation. The ease at which these dangerous substances are made available at motor parks and bustops is very worrisome. Government agencies like NDLEA needs to be more proactive like the days of Baimayi else no one will be safe from The monsters it’ll create.”

“A lot of Pharma companies are complicit in this crime too, Plenty formulations that are readily designed for addicts. One wonders what NAFDAC and NDLEA are regulating.”

“When I was with Emzor I’d plenty of students who got my numbers from God knows where begging me to sell Emzolyn with Codeine to them at any price,to which I declined but kept wondering what the need it for.

“It was my rewire who’s workshop was close to the school who eventually told me Codeine was a hot cake around the school as almost all the northern students consume it with reckless abandon.

“I’m sure by now those Codeine addicts would have graduated beyond Skuchi and are possibly Doing colorado now.”

Unfortunately, the makers and sellers of weed and other hard drugs are underground producing these deadly substances ignorant young people still patronize what is likely to see them to their early grave.

Ordinary cigarette packs has it written boldly that “smokers are liable to die young” i’m sure if Colorado had a pack what would be written on it would be “smokers are liable to die younger”.

This is however a wake up call to the Government, Drug enforcement agencies, NGO’s and other right thinking members of the society to stand up against the killer called Colorado.

The videos below reveals few of the physical effects of the damaging drug on some Nigerian addicts.

Posted by The Round Table on Thursday, January 23, 2020


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