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Over the years, Christmas has been celebrated all over the world with families buying and eating chicken as one of the symbols of celebration..

Although Christmas is not the celebration of chicken killing or eating, eating chicken during Christmas has just been a tradition all over the world.

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Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and in the celebration of the birthday of the forerunner of the Christian faith, Christians all over the world and especially in Nigeria eat chicken during Christmas.

You would remember vividly that growing up back in the day, our parents would normally buy chicken during the festive period and have the chicken tied to the front of the house just to show neighbours that the chicken is now available, and literally, every other house on the street had chickens too.

Actually, the popular saying “chicken no dey cry for night” became popular due to people buying chicken during christmas, the funny thing about the saying is that chickens do not cry (crow) at night during christmas really.

Chicken is undeniably a very important feature of Christmas in Nigeria, in fact chicken cannot be separated from christmas. You can do away with ‘Christmas light’ in the sitting-rooms, or even the vintage ‘Christmas trees’, you can also decide to take away the ‘Christmas clothes’ from little children but they will never forgive you when you take away their ‘Christmas chicken’.

Year 2019 is coming to an end and in a matter of weeks, we’ll be celebrating Christmas. In order to ascertain the fact that chicken cannot be separated form Christmas, Hotjist.com decided to ask some Nigerians what they think about “A christmas without chicken”.

A student, Oyinyechi Faith, when asked about Christmas without chicken said it is ‘Not possible’.

She said “my mum’s birthday falls on the 25th of December and it’s also Christmas, so chicken will always be available”.

Well, Oyinye since chicken will always be available , we hope you’d be ready to share.

Another student, Adeyemo Timilehin while sharing his opinion said “Christmas without chicken is not Christmas”.

“Eating chicken during Christmas as a Nigerian makes you a part of the Christmas celebration. Even when people do not have money to buy a cow, you will see that they will still kill chicken, so, you eating chicken makes you among those who are happily celebrating Christmas” he added.

However, a Forex trader Onome Ineye said “Christmas without chicken is still Christmas”. According to her, “we eat chicken on other days, so it doesn’t change the fact that Christmas is Christmas, But then Christmas without chicken wont be fun at all”.

Some other Nigerians who spoke with Hotjist.com on Christmas and chicken, had some particularly amusing points of view.

One Jon bishop said “Christmas without chicken is like saying Jesus without adding Christ to it”. Well, how true is that?

Fashion designer, Soyebi Esther when asked, said “Christmas without chicken is just like every other day”.

Furthermore, an hairdresser; Ayomide Pearl also said Christmas without chicken is just like a phone without battery.

It is obvious that many other people think Christmas is incomplete without the sweet smelling aroma of a fried chicken or even the stinky smell of Chicken excreta around in the compound.

Just like the significance of sallah meat during sallah, chicken is also significant to Christmas. We eat meat regularly but have you ever asked yourself why sallah meat tastes differently, well it’s because of the festivity of the season .

However Hotjist’s stand on ‘Christmas without chicken’ is that Christmas without chicken is just like a pen without ink.

We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas in advance.

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