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Mapleby Autos Canada boss, Babatunde Yusuf gives an insight on what buyers of imported used cars should note when making their decisons.

What’s the advantage of importing a car directly from Canada over buying from other countries?

To answer this question, I think I will need to put it in proper perspective, the only country Canadian cars compete with are the US Cars.

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So, the first advantage is the exchange rate, we all know the Canadian Dollars is cheaper than the US Dollars. This makes buying Cars from Canada a cheaper option than the US.

Secondly, Canadian cars are calibrated in kilometers, which is what’s being used in Nigeria, unlike the USA that are in miles. So, buyers don’t have to bother themselves about changing the calibration again.

Lastly and I think this is contestable/debatable, based on my experience, I think US cars are mostly badly and roughly used unlike the Canadian cars.

Is there a threshold of manufacture year for vehicles shipped to Nigeria?

Yes, The Nigerian Federal Govt set its cut off for vehicle that can be brought in at 15 years of Manufacture. However, there are still ways around it as same government made room for some cases where vehicles older than required can be brought it as far as the importer can pay a set fine which is called “Under Age Fine” the fine is between N25,000 to N50,000.

Of the popular brand of cars in Nigeria, which one is cheapest to source from Canada?

I think vehicles made by American Automaker like Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet are relatively cheaper to buy from Canada compared to Japanese cars, its not secret that Nigerians prefer cars by Japanese Automakers. Even in the Canadian local car market, there are more demand for Japanese cars; this makes the prices to be relatively higher. In summary, vehicles made by American automakers are cheaper to buy from Canada and I think the United States too, than their Japanese competition.

Between a petrol engine and a hybrid car, which is cheaper to import?

Because the demand for used hybrid cars are lower, so its relatively cheap to buy from here as compared to regular 100% gas powered vehicle. Example, a 2010 Toyota Highlander regular is more expensive than a 2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

Can you help convert to gas powered car before shipping?

No, I don’t think there is anything like that here, its good Nigerians are getting very innovative in this regard and I believe this will help reduce the demand for Petroleum.

Between buying an accidented car and non accidented car, which one is more cost effective?

The general notion is that accidented car comes cheaper than non-accidented cars, but I think non accidented car provides comfort for the buyer

If Mapleby helps buy a car from Canada, can I arrange the shipping and or clearing myself?

Yes, there is no way that we have not worked with our customers in the past. There are times customers will call us that they already bought the car from here and they want us to handle the shipping, so we work with our customers at any of the 3 stages involved, either buying, shipping and clearing.

How long does it take to get a car shipped from Canada to get to Nigeria?

For Container shipping, it takes between 5-6 weeks and for RORO Shipping its 4-5weeks, all things being equal.

Does Mapleby help buy from other countries?

No, not at the moment.

Is there any warranty until the car gets to the buyer?

Yes, we make sure we deliver on our promises, before buying your car; we will first send you a picture and on request we have a service called Virtual test drive and inspection, it’s a service that gives you a feel as if you are in Canada inspecting the Car yourself, how this works is that a member of our team will call you on Video call and show you the car while its being packed and also while driving, this gives customers opportunity to see the car and in and out.

Do you buy accidented cars and do you inform the customers?

At Mapleby for now we deal with non accidented cars, we only buy running cars for our customers.

What are the benefits, if any or the challenges if clients wish to clear their vehicles by themselves?

The Management of Mapleby as always been an advocate of a system where car buyers can actually handle the Nigerian customs clearing themselves, that’s why we work so hard with our shipping partners so that RORO shipping can be possible in Canada. Right now, when we buy cars for our customers and ship it through RORO, so we will use our customers name, address and phone number as consignee information, so this gives them full control to be able to clear their cars on arrival at the Lagos Port.

What are the sources of the cars you deal in?

We source our cars from Canada local car market, oftentimes from private owners and at times from other dealers if we don’t have it. Most of the cars we buy for our customers come with Canadian Safety and Emission certificate which is the equivalent of (Roadworthiness Certificate in Nigeria)

What advice do you have for people willing to import cars from North America?

First of all, I congratulate them in advance for making a great decision. However, I will advice them to make sure they do their due diligence before releasing their hard earned money to any person or company offering to help them buy their cars, there are a lot of fraudulent people around who will collect money from them and not deliver as promised or in some cases will buy damaged car for them or a car that has been classified by Canadian govt as unrepairable, doing this will defeat the initial purpose of buying a car from Canada,  people are adviced to make sure they work with credible and trust worthy firm.

Babatunde Yusuf can be reached via email: maplebyinc@gmail.com or WhatsApp: +1647-365-5415              

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