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In a tragic development of events, a Nigerian student, Eyitoluwa Olayeye has been accused of killing his own mother in an Austin hotel, US after allegedly blacking out.

The 20-year-old had been taken to the hospital by ATCEMS for a psych evaluation after he was reportedly rambling, babbling, exhibiting signs of mental illness.

Eyitoluwa’s mother Kehinde Olayeye was called and informed about her son’s health condition flew with her sister from Atlanta to Austin.

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The suspect was brought to their apartment where they said he began telling them he wanted to leave school.

According to Olayeye’s aunt, when they arrived at the apartment her nephew seemed happy to see them. She said they stayed there for a while before the three of them decided to check into a hotel downtown.

She further revealed that Olayeye and his mother got a room together and she got one by herself. She told police the three of them were hanging out together in Olayeye’s room before she decided to go to sleep.

She said he told them God had given him a purpose. He said the hospital was trying to hold him for a mental issue but he told them what they wanted to hear so he could leave.

The hotel security guard told investigators he was doing his rounds when, at about 4:15 a.m., he heard loud shouting coming from a room. He said when he banged on the door telling the occupants to quiet down he got no response but began to also hear sounds of a struggle.

In an interview with police, Olayeye said after class on Tuesday he went to the UT tower to pray. He said he remembers praying but the next thing he knew he was in an ambulance headed to the hospital. He said doctors asked him if he was diagnosed as bipolar or manic which he told them no.

Olayeye said after being discharged from the hospital he was taken to a friend’s apartment. There he said his mother and aunt arrived and took him to a hotel downtown. He corroborated his aunt’s testimony, saying the three of them hung out in his room before his aunt went to sleep. He said after she left he went to the bathroom and got into bed. He told police he remembers his mother standing over him praying, and the next thing he knew he was in the back of a police cruiser.

According to the police affidavit, when told his mother was dead, Olayeye said he must have been the one who killed her since no one else was in the room. He said he did not have a reason to kill his mother.

A Travis County medical examiner conducted a post mortem examination on Olayeye’s mother. She said the victim suffered deep skull hemorrhaging, hemorrhaging around the neck, lacerations to the inner mouth, petechial hemorrhaging and signs of strangulation.

Olayeye was arrested and charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury. He also faces a $1 million bond.

Hotjist gathered that the deceased had left a very lucrative job in Nigeria to stay in Atlanta with her 3 kids. The boy is said to be her first child, well mannered, kind and loved by all. Her husband visitsedthem often.

A close family friend narrated, “Last week he started doing strange things on campus like touching people randomly and speaking/babbling for no reason. The school sent him for evaluation and called his mom. She travelled from Atlanta to Austin with her younger sister to see him”.

“He was happy to see his mom and Aunt. They spent time together, prayed and so forth. His Aunt left them (mom and son) at 2am to sleep in her hotel room downstairs. The boy killed his mom at 4am. Apparently, he woke up to see his mother praying over him and snapped”.

“Everyone is in shock. The father was tricked to come to America 4 days ago and they broke the devastating news to him. Words fail me! May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. Praying for strength for the family”.

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