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Remember when parents or guardians would tell their children or wards while scolding them, that “kosere ninu ipata/omo-ita”, meaning there is no reward or gain in becoming a tout or miscreant. Well, that advice may have become a ‘touche’, as there is now an ‘area boy’ who is worth billions of naira in cash and assets.

If you reside or you are a businessman in Lagos, Nigeria and the name MC Olumo does not ring more than a bell in your ears, hmmm, be careful so they do not ‘nack’ more than a bottle on your head. You are looking for trouble in Oshodi, MC your compass. You are looking to resolve a conflict in the same area, he is your one-stop. The crowd of miscreants he commands is unimaginable. He rolls with the high and mighty.

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Born Musiliu Akinsanya, MC Oluomo is the super leader and chairman of the National Road Transport Workers, NURTW in the centre of excellence, Lagos State and a religiously loyal follower of the All Progressives Congress, APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

MC Oluomo a primary school graduate whose rise to fame and wealth started from being a bus conductor. His loyalty as one of the most trusted foot soldiers of the Jagaban Borgu quickly helped him to rise through the ladder of the Union after so many years on the Lagos roads making drivers restless. His duties are simple. Every word of Asiwaju must be obeyed and followed to the letter. He is also known to gather and organize the political halleluyah boys during elections.

Most celebrity indigenous singers chew his name in their mouth as they shower him with songs of praise. Many Nollywood actors and actresses do not joke with him. Rumour has it that there is hardly any Yoruba Nollywood actress that is not a ‘loyal daughter’ of this unflinching celebrity tout.

MC just recently assumed the position of the State boss of the NURTW after many years of securing ‘the bag’ as the treasurer for many years. Last year, he was honoured by the Governor of Georgia, USA, Brian Porter Kemp when he traveled to the States for the graduation of one of his three sons. He has six other daughters who are all schooling abroad, from his three wives.  And today he announced one of his wives has unveiled her newly built multi-million naira house. He shared the news via his verified Instagram page where he wrote; Alhamdulilai,

Please join me to celebrate with my wife Alhaja Temitope Adunni Akinsanya for this beautiful House Warming.

May Almighty Allah shower his blessings all over this house, convert this mere brick and mortar into your dwelling place.

May this house be filled with generous hands and welcoming smiles

Smiles that a capable of melting every troubles away, Spread warmth and serenity all over the house

May this love touch every family and friend that sets foot in this house

Bless this house and make it home of prosperity and peace. Amen.’

Let’s not mention thousands of individuals and groups that directly receive ‘brown envelopes from his house on a regular basis. But how is he able to afford these luxuries? Now let’s cut to the chase.

You wonder why your several cries for a clampdown on those boys you call jobless touts, disturbing the daily hustles of commercial drivers and eating from the sweat the daily scorching sun of Lagos bathe them in may never be heard? Billions are generated from such proceeds.

From being the lord of man in charge of Oshodi in Lagos alone, MC used to get a delivery of a minimum of N15,000 for food PER DAY from a single unit. Just so you know, Lagos has at least 52 units! This turn over is a compulsory amount at the least that must be delivered to him per day (for food alone). If you do the math, that is N780,000 per day (again, for food alone). This amounts to a total of N284,700,000 in a year. There are other allowances he gets like, for recharge cards, entertainment, special visitors, etc.

Plus or minus, in a year, MC Oluomo makes N1.5 million in a day without necessarily breaking a sweat. And in a year that is N547, 500, 000. Ladies and gentlemen, be reminded that estimated above is the amount he USED to get when he was the treasurer. Now that he is now the overall boss he is estimated entitled to about N2m in a day. This does not include other financial benefits accrued to him as the State Chairman. If you add up the figures plus other benefits, he now gets estimated N1billion in a year.

This does not include proceeds from several patronages, ‘security votes’ during elections

From what is gathered he gives his three wives, N150, 000 each per day.

Do you still wonder how he has all his nine children schooling in expensive institutions abroad? How he is able to fly first class? How is able to wine and dine with the high clas home and abroad without having worn the gown? How many entertainers in the industry call him father?

Call him an ‘agbero’, call him an area boy or a thug and the likes, but never call him uneducated. Even if his education comes from the streets. And be careful, you might be looking at a potential commissioner or even a governor(smiles) in Lagos. Don’t say we didn’t tell ya’.

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