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The social media have been awash with the stories of Mr. Tunde Thomas (may his soul rest in peace), Moyo Thomas and Mr. Nuru Adams of FCMB, for like two weeks now. I reviewed all the stories shared thoroughly and the only question coming up in my mind is; ‘who are the Vultures and their sponsors’!

Vultures are known to feed on dead bodies. Certainly, that is what the sponsors and promoters of this story have achieved; feeding on the dead body of Tunde Thomas!

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In African tradition, Christianity and Islam, you are expected to respect the dead, speak good of them, pray for them and allow them to rest. In contrast, the vultures claimed to be friends of Tunde and they started peddling tales that Tunde did not talk about in his life time, issues that would make him to turn in his grave! How would they feel in their own graves, if they were Tunde Thomas?

If truly you are Tunde’s friends as you claim, where is your humanity? Why didn’t you fight his battle on his behalf when he was alive? Where is the evidence to confirm the story you are sponsoring heavily? Why are you using Tunde’s death to generate funds, followers and clicks for yourselves?

For the unsuspecting public, my review reveals that:

  1. The affair being talked about, purportedly happened over 10 years ago.
  2. Moyo Thomas left FCMB over 4 years ago before Nuru became MD
  3. Nuru became MD in 2017, and not since 10 years ago
  4. It is not on record that Tunde complained formally or informally during his life time
  5. His friends did not complain when he was alive. There is no complaint from Tunde and Moyo’s families and there is no word from Nuru Adam anyway.
  6. It was even claimed that Tunde has married another wife
  7. There is no record of sexual harassment against Nuru in FCMB as MD or even before he became MD
  8. So why is Tunde’s death being linked to an event they claimed happened long ago (note that I am neither confirming nor denying that the affair ever occurred, because there is no credible evidence on the table yet)
  9. My lawyer friend said that the position of Nigerian law is that the owner of the wife is the owner of the children, hence, what is this fuss about?

My deductions from the above posers are as follows:

  1. Since there is no complaint from the affected actors and the their families, backed by established scientific evidence, it follows that the sponsors of this campaign of calumny are mere wicked souls that are out to create more victims
  2. The targeted victims here are: FCMB as a bank, the innocent children of Tunde Thomas, Nuru Adams, Moyo Thomas and all of us
  3. For FCMB, the bank should be wise enough to disallow this from derailing the bank. I am a shareholder that wishes to see the shares and dividend rise further. The deposit and customer base of the bank have risen by almost 50% in the last 3 years under Nuru Adam’s watch. Who is not happy with this?
  4. Are these vultures interested in Nuru’s job? Were they Moyo’s ex-toasters or lovers that want to ridicule her? Are they stakeholders in FCMB that see Nuru Adam as a threat to their unethical wishes? Are they unhappy that a non Ijebu man is leading the bank? Has Nuru Adams stepped on their toes and they want to deal with him? Are they planning to destroy FCMB brand by targeting her MD? Many questions begging for answers
  5. Similar scandal stories have been sponsored against the former MD of the bank, Ladi Balogun and one other ED in the past. Is this becoming a trend by blackmailers to extort money?
  6. As onlookers, we should stop falling mugun for these wicked vultures, less we also become victims. We should disregard this campaign to respect the future of the innocent children. May we all not become victims of blackmailers and may our children’s future not be ruined
  7. Let the sponsors step out to be identified and present facts to the FCMB board beyond the rumours being circulated
  8. The sponsors should step out to vouch that they have not stumbled on their own before, that they haven’t had extra marital affairs before
  9. FCMB should focus on its business to create jobs and wealth for our youths and the youth should not support the vultures who want to distract them and the bank to feed on their future. Who the vultures epp?
  10. Let us assume the story is true, what is the relevance to the avalanche of problems we have today. How does the affairs of 3 people that are not complaining become the headache of all of us
  11. Let us collectively save the innocent children and the FCMB brand. As for Nuru Adam and Moyo, the truth is known between them and their God, we leave them to God to judge. For the vultures, May God serve you in equal terms what you wish for the late Tunde Thomas and the FCMB Family.
    Long live FCMB

Adewole Ogunnaiya lives in Lagos

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