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By Oladeji Showunmi

Nigeria is plagued with an array of problems, from insecurity to food scarcity, political instability, economic depression, and bad governance. At a point, you begin to wonder how we get here as people. These problems have been particularly worse in the recent past with insecurity and food scarcity at the forefront with BBC and Aljazeera reporting over 61% of Nigeria living below $1% per day, these estimates put the figure between 100 million to 82million people. So many concerned citizens have put forward different solutions to these problems. Chiefly among these solutions is restructuring. 

What then is Restructuring? To understand what restructuring means, one must understand the present structure of the country. The current structure allows the government at the center to control all the resources of the country. All power is concentrated at the center. The federal government then allocated resources or monies to the states who in turn allocated to the local government. The military and the police are controlled by the federal government.

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This current structure created many problems such as

  1.  Insecurity: many people believe federal government-controlled police is not effective in providing adequate security especially for local people or people in remote places
  2. Encourage laziness: Since money will surely be allocated to the state whether you manage the state resources well or not.
  3. Encourage corruption. Most politicians are very corrupt because once you know the man at the center, you can almost go unpunished for any crime you committed
  4. Lack of national allegiance: most people affinity is to their state or region
  5. Feeling of neglect. The present system structure encourages favouritism and nepotism. Because the all-powerful man at the centermost time always channels resources and positions to favour his people. This always led to other tribes feeling neglected

And many more…

Due to all these problems, so many people are agitating that the country must be restructured. Each state of the federation must be autonomous. Each state must own and control its resources. Instead of the federal government allocating resources or money to the state, the reverse will be the case, it will be the state that contributes to the federal government to keep it running.

Operating this type of system (structure), many believe states will be more functional, instead of waiting for free money or allocation at the end of the month. The state government will be forced to run to make money into the state account. They will be forced to eliminate wastage and take the business of running the state seriously.

The state will be better secure because each state government will know that security and peace will attract investment from other states and countries. The investment will in turn lead to more revenue for the government in terms of tax and job creation for its people.  

Under the new structure, there will be both state police and federal police. The federal government will control the army which has no business with internal policing of the country. Its work will be strictly limited to protecting the territorial integrity of the entire country from both internal and external forces.

At times the federal police can work with state police to solve a local case, this will only happen if the case affects more than one state. Generally speaking, federal police will oversee the security of the entire country. Federal police, working with the state police, will make it easy for criminals to be easily apprehended. Since the local people in a community will know the nodes and crannies of their communities, they will know the trouble makers and it will consequently lead to the arrest of criminal

People will have a sense of belonging as the resources of their state are managed in their state. Allegiance will be total; the workers will be more serious as they know the success of their state is also their success. This will eliminate corruption because you cannot be stealing from yourself.

In such an arrangement, the Federal Government will serve as a big brother or father to all the respective states. Some states will be richer than the other but the Federal Government will still find a way to bail out poorer states as long as it is not a product of mismanagement.

Conclusively, restructuring the country will eliminate almost all problems that the country is facing. God bless Nigeria.

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