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By Aishat Momoh. O.

NoGravity Consults held a management and Leadership Development Training at the JV Consults Office in Ogba, Lagos.

NoGravity Concepts is a Company that is registered to facilitate trainings and events.

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They provide Services in Management trainings, Business consulting, Human Resources Management and Corporate Event Management.

The training which had about 20 participants started at about 8:am with a quick introduction of all participants.

The Management and Leadership training was anchored by Mr.Yinka Adegbuyi, the training director and lasted for almost five hours with a tea break and lunch in between.

During the training, the training director gave a lecture on Goal Achievement, Target Achievement, Creating viable plans B, C & D for goal achievements and also gave a book review on the One-Minute Millionaire.

Also, all participants were asked to do a quick practical on the targets that have been achieved during the first quarter of the year.

It was a very impactful training as all participants had one or two things to say.

However, during an interview with some of the participants, they shared their experiences with Hotjist.Com

According to Mr Sidney Akinmoladun, he said, “My experience has been enlightening and impactful.

“I had an interactive session with other participants and I was able to share my goals and performances since the first quarter of the year.”

“I want to give kudos to the organizers of the training and also look forward to another one.”

Miss Oluwayemisi said her Company enrolled her for the training and she’s grateful because the training was not a waste of time and resources.

“It’s was really nice to be part of this training. I got to interact with new people, learn from their experiences.”

“Talking about goal setting, I got to realize during this training that I have to start setting my goals in other to attain greater heights.”

Another Participant, Miss Chioma said, “I got to know about the training through my Company HR Manager.”

“My experience from the beginning of the program till now has been good, the class has been interactive and even the questions that we were asked were those that are very important in our lives.”

“From what I have learnt so far, I would say that there should be a particular time set for each goals.”

Mr Bolu said, “My experience has been interesting. This is actually the second time i’ll be attending this training, and I have decided to make relevant decisions for the remaining part of the year.”

“I have also put more efforts in my health and relationships because it is only when you are healthy that you can perform your duty well.”

Mr. Yinka Adegbuyi, however, gave a brief history about the training. He said, “The training started since year 2000, but, I decided to start giving back to the society around 2016 by supporting Entrepreneurship and Personal Development.”

“I started with free sessions of Leadership Development, and it went on for several months.”

“This year, we decided to have a paid session in order to entertain our participants more.”

“The result of the training has been enormous, the feedback has been wonderful and quite a number of people that attended our classes in February has been grateful. They are counting their profits and winnings because, we basically talked about how to meet up with targets, expanding your scope, and opening your mind to achieve more.”

However, at the end of the training, Certificate of Attendance was issued to all that attended and participated in the NoGravity Concepts Training/Workshop on Capacity Building.

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  1. Ade

    November 1, 2021 at 7:17 pm

    Wow! Amazing from Hotjist! I was there and it was such a revealing expository


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