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 Greg and Xiga hugged like they had not seen each other in decades. It felt good meeting like this again. They sat and ordered straight away. Greg had suggested they meet at a restaurant when Xiga said he had not had lunch. Someone had recommended the place – Cozee Bar and Lounge to Greg and so far he liked what he saw.

The corner where they sat was V shaped and cosy. Dark shade curtains were used to prevent the sun from penetrating. There were tiny colourful lights in the padded chairs and table. It was blazing hot outside but very cool inside, thanks to the powerful air conditioning.

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Xiga was mesmerized. He knew the place existed but had never been there. He wondered how much the owner of the place spent on it. Na the kain place wey be say if dem bring bill you jus pay. No question, no answer. kpom kwem!. He thought of bringing Ruthanne to the place to make up for his silly mistake but changed his mind. Women sha. Soft but subtle and dangerous.

“Hello Mr. I know that look, I’m married too.” Greg teased as he clicked his fingers in Xiga’s face. Funny but it was same with everyone. Whether you’re a gentle man or ruffian, nerd or psycho, your woman can still make you melt like jello even in her absence. Does Helen go to places like this? With who? Greg shook the last thought off and concentrated on the food. It was delicious.

They ate in silence. They were famished. Minutes later a pretty waiter came to clear their table. Both men winked at each other. Xiga laughed but Greg did not.

He suddenly remembered an ugly incident that happened years ago when he had gone to the school cafeteria to wait for Helen. They had come first in the poem competition that year and won a trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch, in Cross river with four other students. But he wanted to take her to see a movie before they went home to prepare for the trip.

Greg settled at the corner closest to the back exit. Helen had told him Mr. Abacha Quadri aka Abakus was in her class so he knew he would wait for close to two hours. He ordered his usual which was a plate of beans with chopped, fried plantains and two bottles of malt drink which he poured in a tall glass . They knew how he liked it. He had not gone halfway into the food when a young lady approached him.

“Excuse me, may I sit beside you?” She asked pointing at the only chair beside Greg. Greg looked up and smiled. Her voice was husky but she was very attractive. Her make up was loud but somehow it suited her. He felt funny. He wanted to say no and yes at the same time.

“I’m sorry dear, but I’m expecting…” Greg was saying.

“Alright, I’ll just sit over there. She pointed to a spot opposite Greg. Greg chuckled. Why tell me? What do I care?

The lady went to another table just as Xiga and Chimezie walked in,  picked chairs and joined Greg at his table. The moment they ordered and began to eat, Chimezie noticed the girl opposite and nudged Xiga. But she was oblivious of their gestures. She had her eyes only on Greg.

“Oh boy, drop that glass, look up and see beauty trying to reach you.” Chimezie teased. Greg did but saw only the ceiling. Xiga laughed and pointed and that’s when the girl winked. And that’s when Helen walked in. And that’s when Greg smiled and winked back at the girl.

Helen did not join Greg at the table. But sat beside the girl and ordered. Greg was stupefied and so were his friends.

The girl leaned toward Helen ” Isn’t he cute? I think he likes me back.” She whispered and blushed.

” Of course he must, I caught,  I mean saw him wink at you just now.” Helen said.

“You won’t believe it but I’ve been trying to get his attention for weeks. I was not sure he would like someone like me but that wink just gave me the green light. Oh! his eyes kill me.” She blushed again.

“What do you mean by someone like you? What’s wrong with you?” Helen asked curiously.

“Erm, not me really. It’s him. I mean, he seems like someone that would prefer a decent girl you know, someone God fearing and reserved. Not a wild one like me. But girl, there is so much I can show him. Tell me, do you think he’s still a virgin?” She asked. Helen almost choked on her drink. Are you kidding me!?

Helen did not answer. She had her eyes on the young man who had just walked in and sat at the table behind Greg and his friends. He was the same man trying to get her number on her way to the cafeteria. She liked this kind of revenge. This is what I call sharp karma, Hmm? no dulling. She willed the young man to look at her.

And he did.

The moment their eyes locked, he smiled slowly and winked at Helen. Helen winked back with pleasure. For a second, Greg thought she was winking at him. He had never been so wrong. Slowly, Greg and his friends turned to look at the young man directly behind them and all hell broke loose.

“Thinking about her already? ” Xiga tapped Greg bringing him back to now.

“Yeah, it’s been ages. I need to see her again men.” Greg whispered.

“Did you not go home straight to your wife from Owerri?” Xiga asked, confused. Greg looked him in the eye . ” She’s back, Xiga. Hel is back.”

Slowly, Xiga put down his toothpick.

*****          *****            *****               *****              *****

Meyanna turned and saw the girl. She was speechless.

” Shhh, please be quiet, I’m sorry I scared you…please don’t tell anyone you saw me. I…I couldn’t stand anyone touching me like that again? That’s why I ran, please, don’t tell.” The young girl begged. She had been crying. Meyanna sat beside her and held her hand. “What is your name? an..and who’s been touching you, the doctor?” Meyanna asked worriedly.

” Yes, no.. I mean yes she did but..but she said she wanted to do some check up and run some tests. I closed my eyes but when I opened them… I.. saw the face of…my…my nightmare, that’s why I ran.” She sniffed. Meyanna was confused. She did not know how to console her. The girl looked about twelve but spoke like a mature person. She was light in complexion and beautiful. But she was short and thin which made her look small.

“My name is Onyx Ofime, what’s yours and why were you crying?” The girl asked. Quickly, Meyanna wiped her tears.

” But the doctor is not a man so why did she remind you of..of your..? Meyanna asked as if the girl had not spoken.

” My nightmare is a doctor who lives on this same street.” The girl sniffed again.

” Oh, that explains it. You naturally hate doctors now, don’t you?” Meyanna asked. The girl did not respond. She was miles away in thought. Meyanna nudged her.

” Yes, I hate female doctors and pets with a passion now and I need to leave this place this instant. Will you help me escape?” She asked pleadingly. She had started to cry again.

Meyanna was shocked. Female doctors and pets? Her molester is a woman? a vet? Meyanna did not understand but she hugged the girl and together they cried. But Meyanna was even more curios now .

” I’ll help you escape but just give me a few minutes.” Meyanna said and dashed off. She came back minutes later with a handful of snacks and drinks which they ate with delight. Half way into the meal, Onyx belched and both girls giggled. Meyanna tried to belch but what came out was a grunt. They giggled louder this time. They liked each other already.

” My name is Meyanna but you can call me Honey.” Meyanna smiled and they shook hands. ” I’m curios about what you said earlier, Onyx. Can you tell me what really happened? And maybe afterwards, we’d stroll down to the woman’s house and give her a beating and…” Meyanna did not finish. The girl nearly laughed her head off. Tears had even formed in her eyes. Meyanna laughed along with her.

But what Onyx did not know was that Meyanna meant every word she said.

****         ****          ****        ****        ****

Xiga stared at Greg mouth agape as he tried hard to digest the information. He could not believe his ears.

“When man,  are you for real? ” Xiga asked incredulously. Greg narrated nearly all that happened. “Look man, I don’t know what to do. I have a lot of questions that must be answered. I have been trying to reach her but.. I don’t know…I think something is wrong. I need to know. I need to see her again”. Greg said worriedly.

“Look Greg, you need to get a hold of yourself. You have a family that adores you now. Helen was and is still your past. You have moved on.” Xiga pleaded.

“Yes, I’ve moved on, but to what? I let her down and in all areas even. I just wish I.. ” Greg moaned.

” Dammit Greg! what are you doing? What are you saying? She was the one who let you down, remember? Whether against her will or not is not enough excuse to abort your baby and later marry who her father chose. Wake up dude. That weird old man never liked you and he never hid it plus he had been telling you he wanted his daughter out of the country and in charge of his business. Have you forgotten the letters, the pictures? Geez man, you showed us everything so what’s your problem now? What story did she cook up? What lies did she feed you this time? Xiga asked angrily. “…and see ehn, if I catch that your in-law Fred or whatever… ” Xiga chipped in.

“He is not my in-law abeg.” Greg laughed in spite of himself as his phone rang.

“I know as I go take treat hin fuck up. Shebi he sabi joke, no wahala. Na Davos go joke reach hin haus. Na kuku the same area. The guy de crase…” Xiga was telling Greg who had signalled him to be quiet so he could pick his call. It was Anne. Xiga used the opportunity to call his wife. She picked but did not respond. Xiga dropped the call. Will one ever understand women? Have I not apologized enough for not being mindful of the kind of adult movie I let Markus watch, for not taking him to church and for whatever else I did and did not do? Ehn? When last was I this sorry sef?

If I buy her flowers now she will not collect.

“Since when do you have the devil’s number ehn Xiga? Greg asked.

“I didn’t say devil I said Dav…” Xiga was about to say.

“Ehen, what was it that made Ruthann scream the last time I called?” Greg interrupted. ” Did Markus hurt himself? Greg asked worriedly.  Xiga looked at him. He felt Greg was trying to change topic.

“I’ll tell you all that later but let’s not drift man. Do the right thing. Divorce Helen legally and face life as you’ve been doing with your family. You love Anne don’t you, Greg?” Xiga asked desperately. Greg looked at Xiga but did not answer. Instead, he looked at a couple at the table behind  Xiga. I do but I’m not sure I’ve ever been in love with her man. Only one soulmate a life time. Helen. Greg mused.

“Damn! It’s that bad isn’t it? ” Xiga spat.

“What?! ” Greg asked confusedly.

“You don’t do that man. You don’t look at me and then look away like some thief caught in the act. There is just enough answer in that one movement you just made, dammit! ” Xiga spat again.

“Well, keep it down, will you? ” Greg said quietly. He was getting fed up. Xiga rubbed his temple in frustration and exhaled loudly.

” I’ve given you my best advice on this. Nothing ties you to this woman Greg. No oath, child, name it. If you must see her for the answers you so badly need, do just that but make sure it’s in the open. But do the needful Greg, divorce her and…”  Xiga was about to say.

“Don’t repeat that word. It’s so easy for you to say. You married your passion, your soulmate, didn’t you? I mean you, the wild one amongst us? And aren’t you still together even against odds? Forget it man, in the end it’s my ‘fried’ life. Greg flared.

“Guy, calm down, you’re taking this too.. ”  Xiga tried desperately to calm him.

“Far? Serious? Ain’t that what this is? You know, after I recovered enough to resit that exam and take Guwasen back to his village, I deleted from my memory everything, every single thing that reminded me of her and moved on. Six years it took me,  six slow years. But it was possible only because I stopped listening to…to my heart. Greg had started to cry. “..I .. I stopped man, and that was the only favor she asked of me. That was all she wrote in that note. I AM YOUR HEART, LISTEN TO ME! Buh…buh I couldn’t do that, just that one simple thing. You have no idea how those words torment me. ” Greg sniffed. “…Tell me Xiga, does silencing the voice inside you make it stop speaking? Or what do you do when…when you stop listening to the only voice inside you only to wake up and see it standing in front of you, in human form, alive and wounded? Asking you questions you’ve asked yourself a dozen times but have no adequate answers to?” Greg said sadly. Then he stood and dropped some notes and an envelope on the table.

“You don’t need to leave like this man, chill, there is always a way out of… ” Xiga was saying.

“No man, you’ve tried, really I must say. But this time I have to do what I must on my own . I’m on the edge man, just one push and I’m done for. I don’t care how the story of my life ends but I must see her again. Besides you already gave your best advice on this. I don’t need anything less. Call you later.Thanks man.” Greg said and left.

Xiga exhaled again and drank what was left in his and Greg’s cups. He felt bereft. For the first time in his life he had no ‘Xiga’ advice to give. He suddenly felt like smoking. But he had given that up too. Thanks to Ruthann. He looked around at the few people in the restaurant. He was sure some had seen the drama. Shey dis ones no go tink say I be gay sha? Imagine say we be gay sef .insy me and Greg who for be the girl? He signalled the waiter. Abeg #900 too much for tip. He decided to wait for the change then, picked the envelope and fanned himself with it. It was light. Ha! If na job offer to kon work wit Greg for Owerri dis people go see real drama for here now coz I go crase. But dis life na wa o. Chime d’Prince don turn unda forty millionaire just like that! Chei!. He opened the envelope and his brain shut down for a few minutes. He could not stop looking at the babies. He found himself tracing their faces with his fingers then, he thought of his son and started to laugh and cry at the same time. No way have I any advice left in me friend, No way. So Helen did not abort the pregnancy afterall? And Triplets again, like Anne had. But this my friend na machinery o. Ha! What kind of cruel blow has fate dealt my friend this time? Nna men, Uwa kia ehn!.. .

“Here’s your change sir. Excuse me sir, is everything alright? Sir!? ” The waiter called a little too loudly.  Xiga looked up and realised he was causing a scene. He stood up, picked his car key and left. He did not collect the change.

*****          *****           *****           *****            *****

Onyx told Meyanna she often stayed with her cousins when her parents were out of the country which was most of the time and how they often sneaked into the mansion after they discovered where the spare key was hid. Three of her cousins were older and did not let her and the younger ones join in their play most of the time. They would sometimes invite friends from school and watch adult movies even though they were barely fifteen. They would send the younger ones to one of the rooms to play while they watched. But she would sometimes hide behind the door and watch too. And sometimes it would be so loud they would forget they had neighbours.

A day came when they heard voices downstairs. They were shocked. They thought Mr. and Mrs. Ofime were back. Quickly, they ejected the CD and ran downstairs to see who the visitors were. It was their gardener with their vet and her new companion giving the dogs and their puppies treatment.

Mr and Mrs. Ofime had asked their gardener to monitor the vets whenever they came to treat the dogs. They too were shocked to see the kids. But they promised not to tell. The gardener loved the kids and the vet and her companion were fresh graduates. They understood. The kids were happy. They kept right on watching the movie but reduced the volume.

It was like that till the gardener stopped coming with the vet. He had been contracted to work for another family for the period his boss was away. He needed more money to take care of his aged mother. The kids promised not to tell. They were already fond of the vet who sometimes told them stories till late in the night. And they were happy the dogs were used to the companion of the vet so they did not need to come down to render assistance.

But one evening, while the older kids watched porn in the living room and the younger kids played hide and seek in the play room, Onyx went to her bedroom to get her doll but it was not there. So she went to look for it in the spare room over looking the street behind. And that’s when she heard them. She went to the window and peeped.

Her doll dropped.

Right on the floor and stark naked were the vet and her companion kissing and fondling each other. But that was not all. They had their legs wide open as if expecting penetration. The companion poured some wine on their private parts and simultaneously, they arched their backs seductively. As if that was their cue, immediately, their lovers appeared to lick the wine. Onyx let out a cry and held her mouth.

It was the dogs. Her dogs. Her dogs were their lovers.

Meyanna was shocked speechless. But Onyx was not done talking. She drank the rest of her juice and went on. Meyanna tried to take another sip but couldn’t. She passed the drink to Onyx.

Every time they came, Onyx continued, she went to that window to watch. She had started to enjoy the view. She told no one. But unknown to her, the lovers knew she watched them each time they came and so it wasn’t long before they made her join them. Onyx let them fondle her but only watched and giggled when the dogs came.

It became so bad that whenever her parents were around she would lock herself in and masturbate because she could not go to them when they came to treat the dogs. But something happened that changed everything.

The companion no longer came with the vet. But when Onyx asked her, she said she had died but did not tell her how. Onyx became her new lover. And together they would kiss and fondle till she forced Onyx to let the dogs lick wine off her.

Onyx enjoyed it the first time but they had started to warn them in school about paedophiles who are also called the unsafe adults and slowly, she began to hate the vet. This was nearly after two years. For a long while, Onyx did not see the vet and so thought that her father had changed vet untill he mentioned one day that she had married a Portuguese and was pregnant.

Onyx could not understand why she was furious so she sent a text to the vet threatening to expose her if she did not come to their house that week. She did not come until after three weeks when she knew the coast was clear. And that was the day all went wrong.

They went to their spot and as usual started to fondle each other but the vet’s heart was not in it. She claimed the baby made her uncomfortable so she decided to pour some wine on Onyx and call the dog. Onyx asked her to go first so she could watch but she insisted.

The moment Onyx opened her legs, the dog rushed her. It licked wildly until the spot was dry. Then it began to chew. At first the vet thought Onyx was screaming in ecstasy till she saw blood. She tried to pull the dog away but it bit her. She fled. But by the time neighbours came to Onyxs’ rescue, the dog had gone back into it’s cage and she had passed out.

“That’s why I was rushed here Honey. I can’t tell anyone this. I hate that woman, I wish I had loving parents and I wish they had warned us earlier in school.” Onyx said angrily. “but you haven’t told me why you were crying. Is an adult responsible for your pain too?” Onyx added.

” Yes Onyx.” Meyanna sighed. ” My grand pa was and is still responsible for my pain. But I, my mum and grand ma killed him. Though he’s not dead yet.” Meyanna replied casually and the girl started laughing again. There was a way she laughed that made Meyanna want to laugh too. Yes Onyx,  my own nightmare was my grandpa but I still see him all the time, in my mother’s pain. Meyanna mused.

“Okay, now tell me, how did you guys kill him? ” Onyx asked in between laughter. Meyanna knew the girl would not believe her. But she told her anyway.

” We kinda gave him a taste of his own medicine. You see, to me,  he was ancertified, crazy scientist who loved to mix and make gels, cream and powder out of drugs I once heard my grand ma call ‘date rape drugs ‘ and so one day when he was hurting my mom again, I hit him from behind on the head with a stick, ran into his lab and picked the first syringe I saw. I gave it to grand ma and she inserted the content into him, starting from his manhood.” Meyanna said as if in a trance. She had gone back in time.

Onyx sighed and dried her eyes. She had forgotten her pain for a while. But she needed to change her blood soaked pad now.

” What happened afterwards, ehn? It’s interesting.” Onyx beamed.

” The rest is history Onyx. You need to go back to the hospital so you can be treated well.. ” Meyanna begged.

” No honey, I don’t want to see my parents. And did you see the press? What do I tell them happened? I’m scared.” Onyx cried.

” I dunno if it’s a must you talk to them buh…buh if it is, just tell them the truth like you just told me. That woman needs to be punished. She may go right on destroying the lives of young girls like us and abusing even more pets. We need to fight back! ” Meyanna said a little too loudly.

” But don’t you think she too was molested when she was young? ” Onyx asked absent mindedly.

” It doesn’t matter. It’s never an excuse. You don’t become a rapist cause you were raped. You become an activist! Meyanna said vehemently. She was angry. Or you become a punisher like me which is even better. Meyanna mused.

” Okay. That’s true. I just wish I can fight like you. She wiped her tears and stood. “…I will go back in and tell the truth, Honey. But will you go with me? ” She pleaded. Meyanna stood and hugged her.

” Honey? ” Onyx whispered as they hugged.

” Yes, Onyx, it’s okay, I’ll go with you, don’t worry, I’ll… ” Meyanna promising.

 “…the second before I passed out that night…” Onyx interrupted. ” I knew that it must have been a dog that killed the vet’s companion the same way it almost killed me… still, that woman kept quiet.” Onyx sniffed.

Meyanna stilled. But of course. Why didn’t I think of that? Meyanna wondered.

” Let’s go now, I need to change my pad. Thank you Honey. I wish you are my sister. You are special.” Onyx said. She did not look at Meyanna.

They held hands and together matched to face the adults. Their pain, temporarily forgotten.

***       ***         ****       *****          *****

Greg woke up to the beep from his phone. It was the flash he had been waiting for. Quickly he called Fred back. But the news was not comforting. He had known something was wrong but did not think it would be so serious.

Not caring whether Helen would embarrass him or not, he went to the hospital’s address that week. But he was late again.

They had travelled out of the state.

…to be continued in episode 8.



As written by Kimberly Afolayanka

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