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Anne and her twin stretched in front of the pool at their favorite relaxation spot. The sun had refused to come out all noon and so the weather was cool. But the blue of the sky was quite clear and soul lifting. It was just the perfect weather for relaxing.

 The bikini Cassandra wore was so daring even Anne stared in awe. She had chosen a pepper red tube top which was transparent at the cleavage over a slightly transparent white bum short that could pass for an adult pant. Anne preferred a lilac tank top over a leaf green bum short which she wrapped round her waist with a long multi-colored scarf. How Cassandra dressed still made Anne uncomfortable. But she was an adult. Can’t do much, can I?

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Cassandra was an attractive woman. With skin the color of rich brown dust and legs so long and smooth, one would think she bathed in milk, she was a stunner in fact. Little wonder men went out of their way to please her. But she was sometimes, as irresponsible as she was compassionate.

” You’re a married woman blah blah blah that’s why you can’t unwind. Rubbish if you ask me.” Cassandra mocked. Anne did not answer. She came out to relax and would do exactly that. Greg was out of the state and her daughter had gone to spend the long vacation with her favorite aunt in Maryland, USA. The aunt adored Romanda and wanted her to school over there. Not a bad idea but I want my baby with me. Why is she not okay with her just visiting? Whatever Greg says is final anyway. Anne mused.

She and Cassandra had a habit of scouting for new places where they could hang out when they were free. Anne had thought her twin was pulling her legs about this new place till she confirmed it for herself. What surprised her was the fact that such magnificent construction was around her area and she did not know. Why am I always the last to know things? Anne looked around and noticed the place was becoming crowded. She did not like it.

” Wipe that frown off your face Annie or I’m going to join that young man trying desperately to get my attention over there.” Cassandra warned and pointed with her lips. “…isn’t he cute? I think the host is his wife or sister or something.” She added.  

” Sann, go and help them cut their cake if you want but I beg you in advance to please behave yourself here cause I don’t want any embarrassment.” Anne replied.

” Okay dear sister. But what conversation can we possibly have that won’t bore me to death here? Marriage has made you the most, erratic, and boring person alive. ” Cassandra complained.

” Let’s talk about me and my happy home. Serious, I won’t get upset. Just ask all the questions you have in that small head of yours and I’ll answer. Even the stupid ones.” Anne added . She was in a good mood now.

” And you promise we’ll go shopping when we are done here?” Cassandra cooed.

” Yeah yeah, even if it’s late. ” Anne said as she rolled her eyes. She needed new clothes too.

 ” I’m really happy about you and hubby’s new status. It’s the kind of life that suits you sis. Cassandra said and paused to take a sip from her glass “…Hmm, you’re living the life now o and I’m sure you’ve purchased the land you told me about. The one close to your cousin’s place? Cassandra beamed.

” No Sann, I’ve not. And forgawdsake he’s your cousin too. I’ll show Greg the place when he comes back. But how come you guys don’t like Fred? He’s a nice person, really.” Anne asked curiously.

” Well I thank God I’m not the only one. Didinrin ni bobo yen walahi ! . Annie, the guy too do abeg and his stupid jokes make me wonder why hell is way down and not here so I can send him there quick. Tsk! ” Cassandra frowned “…I’ll never forget the day he actually called me dumb to my face, in front of Lekan and his…”

” Cassandra small small abeg, we were all there o. Anne chuckled.”… He just said if you travelled out less, covered yourself up some more and toned down on your make up, you’d never have had a D7 in your major courses cause you would have had ample time to read and ..” Anne went on, trying hard not to laugh.

” How fly no go support shit? Please change topic abeg!” Cassandra spat.

Anne knew she was upset. She leaned in and whispered in her twin’s ear. Slowly, the smile returned to Cassandra’s face. They ordered another bottle of wine and fresh barbecued fish.

The young man was staring at them again. Evening was approaching.

” I do like your spirit and the way you crave peace all the time, especially in your home sis. But I just can’t help not cautioning you when I know harm is coming your way. I want you to be happy forever. You and that cute, grey eyed niece of mine. I thought that you’d feel uncomfortable knowing the land belongs to her. But since you’re cool with it , no probz.” Cassandra smiled.

” What land? To who? ” Anne frowned. Just then two waiters interrupted them. One brought another bottle of the same wine they were drinking and the other, a fancy tray containing a whole, spicy and peppered chicken and gizzard with a note beside it. Anne picked the note, read and passed it to her sister. Cassandra read and began to smile sheepishly. She scanned the area for the man in an orange top. But when she saw the short albino with a paunch, waving at her , she frowned and looked away. He was not her type. Anne laughed after following her gaze. But they enjoyed the treat. “…you were saying? ” Anne frowned again.

“Why, of course the land you’re interested in. It belongs to Greg’s ex wife. Didn’t you know?” Cassandra asked.

” Point of correction ex girlfriend not wife cause that’s what she is and will always be to me whether or not he married her. And no one told me that same land belongs to her. I’m not even interested in it anymore.” Anne fumed.

” Hold on! you mean to tell me you’ve been folding your arms all these while? You did not investigate?! Wait, just wait, what exactly did your dear husband tell you happened that night cause we never talked about it!?  What exactly is your problem,  Ehn Anne? What are you afraid of? Do you know I went back there to… ” Cassandra fumed

” To do what Cassandra!? Why are you always up in other people’s business? I am not afraid of anything! The past is past so why dig it up? Really,  why? My husband has told me all I need to know. ” Anne asked.

” Of course it must be all you need to know and not all that happened dearest sister. Look,  I’ve known you all my life Anabel and I know you are in love with Greg. But you can’t tell me truthfully that he is not hiding something from you. When I went back there I… I saw that young teenage girl and almost collapsed.” Cassandra whispered as she struggled to keep her emotions in check. “…she looks just how Romanda will look when she’s her age and… ” Cassandra sniffed

” Stop it! just stop it right there. The woman aborted or miscarried, whatever, she sha lost the pregnancy. And Greg told me he ran into her but she wanted nothing to do with him. In fact in his own words she couldn’t stand him. And why would she? You are a woman aren’t you? Don’t you know how desperate a woman can be when.. when…” Anne paused. “..please, please change topic abeg!” she added furiously.

Cassandra knew they were creating a scene but she did not care. Once and for all she would say all she had to say on this issue and never bother about it again. Anne could remain and drown in denial for all she cared but she would tell all she knew. It was left for her to find out for herself. Why people thought Anne was the wise and strong one baffled her. Does marriage blind one to certain things? Or is it love? No, I think its passion that blinds. Abi? I dunno but If it is love, won’t you open your eyes and find out what may choke it in future and deal with it once and for all in the present ? People like you make me wonder in the negative about this whole marriage thing. Cassandra pondered.

” The truth is you are always in denial Anabel. But I’ve made up my mind to let this issue go while I prepare myself to comfort you when you come for that. But what I saw is greater than whatever happened in Greg’s past. And I just remembered something you told me about legacy after you had Romanda. Cassandra paused and wiped another tear. “..you said you would build Greg a palace which you’d name after him…Just so you know, this ex wife, whatever her name is, already did that. Google the damn thing if you are too weak to do a proper investigation.” Cassandra spat and  bit into her fish with gusto. Abeg na enjoy I kon enjoy here jare. I just hope that guy will still be interested in me. This my dumb sister can spoil show sha. Na you and Fred fit sef. Mumu versus refined mumu.

The two sisters looked around them and ate in silence. Anne picked her glass and it dropped. She was shaking. Cassandra signalled a waiter to clear the mess and ordered more wine. She was trying hard now to get the attention of the first man. But he wasn’t looking her way.

Anne tried to think back to all Greg told her happened. Did he not tell me he saw his ex as if he knew someone had told me? He was defensive kind of. Right? And did he not yell at me when I called her desperate? He was defending her, yes. But have I not tried hard to make things work for us? Now where did that thought come from? Oh God, if all I’ve been doing is try to make things work that means things were faulty from scratch and I’ve been the only one trying, right? No! No! No! All I want is a happy home and…I.. I won’t stop till I achieve that. We’ll have a long talk when he comes home. It’s still a good thing he’s miles away from her. But why am I worried about distance? Oh Greg you still love her don’t you? Only one soulmate a life time. And it’s not me…has never been me…  Cassandra nudged her sister. Quickly, Anne dried her tears and drank more wine. She felt like getting drunk but the wine was not alcoholic. She signalled the waiter. The waiter came but when she ordered a strong drink, Cassandra asked the waiter to excuse them.

“Madam, it’s not in my presence you’ll pick up bad habits you’ve dropped. Please get a hold of yourself. It’s getting dark and we’ve relaxed enough already so let’s just go home and watch a movie, okay? ” Cassandra cautioned. Anne just nodded and went to change clothes. Cassandra followed.  Seconds later Anne went to start the car while Cassandra settled their bill.

Cassandra stylishly scanned the area for the young man but did not see him. On her way to the car she saw Anne push him away from her. The young man had tried to get to know Anne but his method was annoying. He had seen her crying and tried to console her by forcing her head on his chest. He was drunk.

The young man got up, staggered again and went to join his friends. He did not spare Cassandra one glance. Cassandra got in the car and they drove off. Is what I’m thinking what just happened? We are not identical now. Ahn ahn is this some kind of Deja Vu or what?. She wondered and turned to Anne.” Babe, was that dude trying to woo you or what?” Cassandra asked curiously.

“Yes dear sister , same way Greg was interested in me and you nearly killed yourself thinking it was you he…” Anne laughed.

“You are mean Anabel, I so hate you.” Cassandra chuckled and punched Anne on the arm. She was pressed but still wanted to shop so Anne suggested they pick whatever they liked along the way. In less than two hours, they were done and close to the family house. Anne smiled and passed her phone to her twin. She had typed ” Gregory hotels ” on google and nothing alarming came up. The few hotels that popped up were owned by foreigners. She exhaled and smiled.

Cassandra checked the name and shook her head. It’s a pity you will be your own doom Anne, a pity. Cassandra dropped the phone beside Anne and got down.

“You better wipe that smug off your face and type in whatever is Greg’s native name, mmmttssewww.” Cassandra hissed and went to open the gate. Anne did not understand at first. But when she did, it took her a few seconds to remember Greg’s native name. She typed it on Google and drove into the compound.

Cassandra shut the gate, went to get her bag from the car and ran straight up to the toilet. Anne stared at her phone as if expecting it to talk to her. She had typed and retyped the name. She had even spelt it in different ways. Meyan, Meyann, Mianne, still it gave her the same result -M-DYNASTY. She read about the group of magnificent hotels home and abroad and confirmed the ‘M’ indeed stood for Meyanna. It’s Greg’s name but with an ‘a’ at the end. it must be the female version of the name. Can it be the name of the young girl? Of course it must be. My God,  I’ve been a fool too long. What did I ever do to deserve this? What? Anne got down, opened the gate and drove out. She needed to be alone. She needed to think. Half way out, she checked her phone. Three missed calls from Greg, two from her mom and Cassandra and two from her aunt abroad. She ignored all.

She needed a strong drink badly now so she drove all the way back to where they were coming from. It was 8:45pm.

Greg worked like he had never at the new company. He had promised to do his best and make Chimezie and his family proud. His aim was to make the branch under his management  the best in Nigeria. He would make sure his personal problems did not affect his performance. Gradually, he would try once more to forget Helen. Even though it’s impossible.

It had taken him two visits to see the doctor and a lot of persuasion to make her trust him; still the woman refused  to give him Mrs. Begha’s phone number or address. He had told the doctor Helen wasn’t picking his calls. But the woman remained adamant. He had also told her he was Meyanna’s father but she did not believe till he showed her the picture of the triplets. That was when she really looked at him.

In a twinkle of an eye, her countenance changed and she began to give him advice on what to do to help his wife get better, take proper care of the girl, in fact the whole family. They need the presence of a man, please. That woman needs her husband and the girl, her father. They are suffering I tell you. And they are afraid of something or someone, believe me. The doctor had told him the latter in a whisper. Greg kept nodding till she told him he needed to find and dispose the drugs Helen was on. I knew it! She went on to say Mrs. Begha might be on the same drug too and Greg tried to suppress a laughter. She warned him another dose might kill Helen and Greg frowned.

She had discharged Helen with a note to continue treatment at their branch at Owerri when she was stable enough to travel because Mrs. Begha had to oversee her business in the East and insisted they all travel together. But Greg wasn’t listening anymore. The fact that the address was in Owerri had shocked him. Is this a sign? A second chance? If it isn’t, I’ll make it one.  He collected the doctor’s number, thanked her and left. He had not gone out of the compound when a young nurse ran to give him a piece of paper from the doctor. It was Mrs. Begha’s number not her address. Still, he was grateful. Half bread.

Greg had called the line and heard a voice. But the person hung up the moment he said “hello”. He tried the line again but it kept ringing. No one picked. He had also gone to the address of the hospital at Owerri nearly every week but did not find Helen there. He was frustrated and angry. He knew how stubborn Helen could be and that she loathed hospitals. But what if, no, I shouldn’t be thinking such things. She can’t be dead. I can’t die twice na. But she hates me now. Whatever then, I’ll just learn to get over her. I’m tired of chasing her. I’m tired of all these! Greg mused. He dialled Anne again but her line was unreachable. What now? He sent her a text saying he won’t be coming home till the next month.

***         ***         ***        ****

Helen and her mother sat at their balcony enjoying the cool evening breeze. Her mother had been monitoring her even in her absence, like a hawk does it’s prey, ever since she insisted she won’t go to the hospital or any hospital for that matter. She would not be able to bear it if Helen had another crisis especially in her absence.

Helen had shown her mother where she hid most of the drugs and left her to dispose them. She had made up her mind to forget Greg and move on,  even love again. And she was doing just fine until he called again.

The phone had rang the third time before Helen went to get it. She did not want the caller to hang up so she picked the call and waited to hear the caller. The moment she heard his voice, the phone dropped. How did he get this line now ? She picked it and immediately saved the number as an unknown number. She knew her mother would never pick an unknown number. It was risky. But he kept calling and each ring made her nervous. She flung the phone on a chair in the living room and went back to join her mother. Why can’t you just let me be? You’ve moved on haven’t you? Then let me move on Please, Please, Meyan leave me alone!. She had started to cry again.

“Sercivir, are you okay? Who called? ” Mrs. Begha asked worriedly. She preferred calling her daughter in her native name.

“Yes, I’m okay, just reminiscing ” she said, trying to smile.

“Well If you’re smiling then it must be good times you’re… ” Mrs.  Begha was saying when Meyannna came in with a small tray containing fruits and drugs in one hand and grand ma’s phone in the other. She was livelier these days. She was in a white top on which was drawn a bold picture of the same type of colorful head phone she had on. She dropped the tray beside her mom with a bang and cleared her throat  ” Mom,  grand ma, I just checked my result and I aced all my papers but I’m not going to the university until I’m sure mom’s fully recovered. I’m barely fifteen anyway. ” She said seriously. The adults just stared at her.  They were proud of her. Helen looked at her drugs and frowned then picked an apple and began to chew.  “…Onyxs’ mother called earlier to say I should let her know what you mummies think about letting me spend some time with them in Dublin.” Meyanna went on. Grand ma smiled and she took that as a yes. She was about to go when she remembered something “erm… grand ma, an unknown number called your line and I … “

” hope you did not pick!?” Mrs. Begha and Helen chorused. Meyanna frowned.

“I did but he hung up. I don’t know. Maybe it was the network or… ”  she was saying when the phone rang again. She winked, gave the phone to grand ma and went to her room. Grand ma ignored it. Meyanna had said it was a ‘he’. What if it was from a member of grand pa’s cult or the police? What if they were still looking for his body? We need to be more careful now more than ever. But they won’t need to wait too long. He’s end is just a shot in the brain away. Then they can have him.  Only then will I and my family breathe. Nde Ojo! Destroyers! I’ll just ask Guwasen to see what he can do about finding out who this unknown caller is.

Helen grabbed the phone from her mother and deleted the number from the call log. She was shaking.

” Calm down honey, they can’t get us” Mrs Begha assured. Mrs.Begha mused.

“It’s not them mom. It… It’s him” Helen said tiredly and walked out. The migraine had started again. She suddenly needed to lie down. She had climbed the eleventh step when the phone vibrated. It was a text from the unknown number again. It said: There is a lot I need to ask you mother. I have tried to reach Helen but she’s avoiding me. I’m in Owerri as we speak. Please let me know if we can meet. I just need answers to some questions. Ever since I lost my mother, you’ve been like a mother to me. Please be a mother to me just this once. I promise to let you and your family be after our meeting while I  struggle the rest of my life not to die a second time – Gregory Meyan Oreoluwa. Mrs. Helen Begha Oreoluwa. No! The phone dropped but she did not bother to pick it. What in the world is he doing in Owerri ? I hate you Greg,  I hate you and I curse the day we…”aarrggghh aarrggghh arrhghhhh leave me alone!” Helen screamed. She took one more step and collapsed, rolling all the way down to the feet of her screaming mother.

***        ***      ***

The hospital was a fifteen minute drive from their house. But it seemed like an hour. Guwasen did not obey any traffic law and he was not afraid. Mrs Begha had resuscitated her daughter but she still was in danger. She was gasping for breath.

They had left Meyanna at home. She did not know what happened and it was better that way. It will break her to see Helen this way again. I still wonder why kids blame themselves when things go wrong. Mrs Begha looked in her bag for her phone to call Meyanna but could not find it. She had forgotten it in the house.

“Quick, hand me your phone Guwasen” Mrs Begha snapped.

“You did not give it back after speaking with aunt Uju” Guwasen said. Their eyes met in the mirror. Great, just great. Our phones are at home. How do I reach this poor child now?   Mrs Begha was pissed.  

” remind me to borrow any of the nurse’s phones when we get to the hospital. We need to let Ada know we just went for a check up. She’ll be worried if she can’t find us and you need to get back home as soon as you drop us. She must not look for us at all” Mrs Begha said. She looked at her daughter and tried to hold back the tears. Greg Biko nunu. Leave my child alone. Leave us alone.

Greg had decided to go home straight and fix something light to eat. He had been busy all day and did not have much appetite. His little girl had confirmed he had lost weight when they spoke earlier on video call. She was observant. My girl. He smiled only to realize he was thinking about another girl. Honey. But is that her real name? Such strong genes I’ve got. Romanda really looks like her. I wonder how the boys look now. He smiled again and drove but instead of home ward,  he found himself headed towards the hospital. He was not surprised.

A stretcher was brought out quickly and Helen was carried in. As soon as her condition was stable the doctor came to speak with the family.

“Your daughter is stable now. But we found traces of Rophynol in her. We have run out of drip bags and have been waiting for our supplier to arrive but there seems to be some problem between the local farmers and some herds men in the area. So they are stuck for now. We sent some staff to get from one of the pharmacies nearby but they are not back yet. I suggest we…” The doctor was saying.

” I think I saw a pharmacy or hospital not too far away from here. Can you give me a note to them so I can get the thing quick. I’ll run if I can’t drive through ” Guwasen suggested. Quickly ,the doctor gave him a note with instructions. Guwasen took the car with him.  But when he saw the commotion ahead, he went back to park the car then ran all the way to the pharmacy he said he saw.

They had forgotten about Meyanna. Night was approaching.

The moment Meyanna came out of her room and saw grand ma’s phone on the stair case, she knew something was wrong. Quickly she called her uncle only to discover his phone was also in the house. She sat on a stool and tried to think. Is this some kind of prank? No. It’s almost dark and I’ve never seen uncle Guwasen go anywhere without his phone. Where is Mum? She called out to her mother and checked the rooms. No response. Oh No! Something has happened to her. Think Honey, think! Yes!.  Quickly, Meyanna searched her Grand ma’s room for the hospital card. But it was not there. She searched the living room, same same. Tired now, she sat at the dining area and that’s when she saw the light blue card. Quickly, she dialed and confirmed a woman had been rushed in over an hour ago. Meyanna knew that she wouldn’t have got the information if she had not faked her voice so she sounded like the desperate husband of the woman.

She picked her purse and ran out. She heard grand ma’s phone ringing and put it in her pocket. She did not pick the call. She hurriedly tied her shoe laces, locked the doors and ran to the bus stop. I’ll take a bike straight. It’s faster and it’s not too late. The phone rang again, still she ignored it.

It was grand ma.

Guwasen gave the doctor the items and hurried back home. The chaos had gotten worse and was getting close to the hospital. He took a bush path that led to the nearest bus stop and was able to get a bike for an outrageous amount. He did not care. Grand ma had told him Meyanna was not picking her calls so he had to get home quick.

***        ***        ***

Greg could not believe his eyes upon entering the street  that led to the hospital. He had seen some commotion a few bus stops away but it seemed the main battle field was on this street. He knew he would have to park his car somewhere safe before it got destroyed. He got down and ran to the first man he saw without a weapon.

“Excuse me sir, please can you tell me what exactly is.. ” Greg was saying

“Oga no speak too much english here o. You be Igbo abi Hausa?” The man spat.

“I… I be Yoruba. I just con see my wife mama wey..  wey dey take treatment for here” Greg stammered.

“God save you! Na dis stupid Hausa pipu wey dey find wetin den go see dis nite. Some of awa brodas gada moni con cement dis street wey govment don foget. Di tin neva even dry na hin den kari dia cow begin mash am from di starting to middle of di street. Buh befo den reesh di finish of di street we go don finish dem” the man spat and was about to go.

“But did they not see the cement or… ” Greg asked incredulously.

” My broda I taya o. Shebi na halogen light dat hospital scatta for street so? Even leave dat wan, we don announce befor o, kon stin put sign everywia say na afta two days pipu fit waka for street. If you look well you go see say cars dey park for outside street and pipu de use oda routes bur dis Hausa pipu storborn. As di cows con fron nowia begin mash, na hin we stop dem. Buh befor we talk bingo den don bring out knife. Na so we sef kari cutlass and…” the man was saying when they heard a gunshot.

Quickly, the man and Greg ran separate ways. The man to join his ‘brothers’ in battle and Greg through a bush path that led to the hospital.

****           ****           ****          ****        

Guwasen got to the house only to meet Meyanna’s absence. His heart skipped a bit. Quickly, he dialed a nurse at the hospital and told grand ma the situation . They concluded she went to buy something so grand ma suggested he wait a bit for her while she tried to reach her again.

“How’s sister? “Guwasen asked.

“Not better I’m afraid. She’s still gasping and the doctor said the chaos outside is making the patients nervous  although they have given orders for the gates to be locked.

But what they did not know was that the security men had gone to join their ‘brothers’ in the fight, leaving the hospital porous.

The bike man dropped Meyanna at the bus stop near the street and collected his money.

“Oh girl, Ip you know wetin good por you jas pind one sape flace fut head tin tomorrow ip you no wan die today” the bike man said and rode off, full speed. He was an Hausa man.

Meyanna was scared but she had to find a way to get to the hospital. Eyes wide open, she leaned to the wall and moved swiftly. No one saw her. The only sounds she heard was of screaming, cursing, cows running, weapons clashing and gun shots. The last scared her the most. But she was close to the hospital now.

Greg got to the hospital and went straight to the receptionist. She was explaining somethings to him when he heard movement and turned. It was Mrs. Begha and she was not smiling.

“Please leave this place this instant! ” she ordered.

“I.. I just need a few minutes with… ” Greg pleaded. But she was not hearing any of that.

A nurse walked up to Greg and asked him to wait outside. He obeyed. The moment he sat on a stool outside, he started to hear a war chant in Igbo language followed by gunshots.  He shuddered. I hope say stray bullet no go meet me for… He did not finish the thought when some people brought in three badly wounded men and a woman, dumped them on the floor, sharpened their cutlasses on the ground and ran back outside. Two more gunshots were heard very close to the gate. Greg shuddered again. What kind of problem is this and why can’t we be at peace with one another for… He was still thinking when he looked up and saw the girl. Honey? No way.  She ran straight to the reception but her grandma was not there. But she heard her voice and followed it.

The sporadic shooting was worsening the condition of some patients, Helen included. Helen had been calling out to her daughter until her breathing became laboured and she passed out again. The doctors in the room were trying desperately to revive her when Meyanna ran in bumping into grand ma. Grandma was shocked but the girl did not even notice. She went straight to her mom, called out to her, shook her, cried and screamed as some nurses came to pull her away. She looked at grandma.

” She swore she had disposed the drugs grandma, didn’t she? You both lied to me! I hate you, I hate you all and I wish I wasn’t born! ” Meyanna screamed.

“No child, it’s not the drug this time. I disposed that… It.. she fell at home and… “

“You’re a liar! You all didn’t tell me so I wouldn’t know. You left me all alone in the house. I hate you all and you are no better than grandpa and his… “She did not finish the sentence as grandma’s palm connected with her cheek. The girl was shocked for a second before she ran out of the hospital.

…to be continued in episode 9.

As written by Kimberly Afolayanka

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    Sweet…captivating indeed.


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    Love this episode ❤


  5. Adeyanju Ogunlewe

    November 18, 2019 at 11:50 pm

    I like Cassandra already. Hmm, the Hausa and Igbo clash is really something… I hope nothing happens to brave Meyanna. She didn’t deserve that slap from granma. This is not just a romance novel, I’m wowed. Keep it up sis. Hurry with the next episode pls. But is it every 2 weeks now?


  6. Adenike

    November 20, 2019 at 9:55 am

    I like Cassandra too, very blunt and lively but feel so much pity for Anne.. I hope nothing bad happens to Meyanna o. Greg should pls go home and let this family rest jere… Dear writer , try turn this novel into a movie and it will blow even more. Many people like movies and not many have the time to read . Besides , i’m not sure I’ve seen this kind of film in Nollywood. But keep it up dear. I’m proud of you. Be quick with the next episodes ooo.


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    Getting more interesting. If possible it can be turn into a movie as suggested by Adenike, it will really blow. Well done dear.


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    Cassandra is my best character .
    Nice one kimberly ….pls next episode


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    Keep it coming young lady… This is so real and interesting. I like the tribal clash/chaos… Next episodes please.


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    Is this the last episode? Or end of the story? I was less busy and felt like reading last night, hoping to see the next episode but saw only what I’ve read before. Please send the other episodes. I want to know what becomes of that brave young girl and confused Greg cause I can relate. Thank you hotjist.


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