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Joseph Omoniyi

The 25th of every December is a day set aside to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, even though many have argued about the choice and accuracy of this day. Although this holiday is especially held in high esteem, many others all around the world get high on its euphoria days before and even after.

From the kinds of clothes to wear, the delicacies to fill the stomach with, the places that must be visited, friends that must be hosted and things that must be bought. All of these appear to be unannounced traditions or ‘must-do’ whether you’re told or not.

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For children who don’t get to wear too many new clothes within the year, as Christmas approaches their parents must double their hustle and struggle to ensure their wards are beautifully decorated for eyes at least their neighbours to see. It does not matter if Daddy has to do ‘extra-curricular’ activities.

Imagine if daddy is a Nigerian policeman on checkpoint duty. It means every commercial driver or motorcyclist will not go ‘scot-free’ without paying a compulsory offering, let’s call a spade a spade; bribe, except such driver, wants to have his only ‘pot-of-soup’ driven inside the police barrack. And you already know what that means to the family of the driver.

Trust the driver too, he won’t also want to be caught behind in the ceremonious race of the Yuletide, he goes into operation ends must meet. Passenger must pay more; double returns must be made despite the black-costume witches sucking his regular income. So, he increases his ‘speed’.

Meanwhile, the NURTW chairman is also a daddy who informs his ‘halleluyah-boys’ to bark at the drivers more grievously if they want to in-turn smile home to their large families. But once in a while, the driver-daddy tries to defy the -agberos who is determined o bring down hell because of 50 naira. From a verbal war to ‘escape and evasion’. Suddenly, police checkpoint ahead, he becomes a dare-devil driver and tries to maneuver into the streets on high speed and ‘gbam!’, he knocks dead another daddy who is rushing to go and do overtime in the night, just to make sure his family has a Christmas chicken.

Before you know it, a supposed wonderful season is turned into a problem afterward.

This ‘christmas-pressure’ has been one of the major causes of accidents, violence, crisis, ‘family-bankruptcy’, during the end of the year. As records have shown that rates of these unfortunate incidents skyrocket during this period and one of the most saddening things is that many religious bigots blame the self-inflicted evil on witches and wizards who they claim are trying to ‘balance their accounts’ for the year. How ridiculous!

According to a popular American Cartoonist, Charles Schultz, “The birth of Jesus has become more about greed, consumerism, and a jolly fat man in red”. It has turned into a season of entitlement.

This undue pressure, more than any other factor, has led to many hazards on the roads, in families and societies. This is not however to undermine the import.

The appellations, “christmas-chicken”, “christmas-rice”, “chrismas-dress”, “chrismas-money”, etc. are not but illusions created by men for nothing connected to the reason for the season. Wear what you have, eat what you have and buy only what you can afford, after all it is Jesus’ birthday, not yours.

A social commentator, Kunbi Adeyinka sums it up this way:

1. If you can’t afford NEW CLOTHES, wear the ones you already have. It’s JESUS’ birthday and not yours. You mustn’t ‘out dress’ the celebrant.

2. If you can’t afford the kind of FOOD you want, eat what you have and move on. If you don’t tell people what you ate, no one knows. ‘belle no get show glass’.

3. If you don’t have the means to TRAVEL, stay where you are. JESUS wasn’t born in your village afterall. And your village isn’t the appointed place for His birthday celebration either. Any villager who is desperately bent on seeing you, should come look for you where you are.

Of all the things he said, “Do in remembrance of me”, CHRISTMAS wasn’t one of them.

Take life easy and don’t stress yourself.’

“Don’t be afraid. For I have come to bring you good news, the most joyous news the world has ever heard! And it is for everyone everywhere!
Luke 2:10 TPT

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  1. Kimberly

    December 24, 2019 at 1:03 pm

    Yes , I like that line ” …of all the things Jesus asked us to remember Him by / observe, the birthday is never on the list. Imagine! On top birthday wey man force on am… Na by force !? Okay, let that slide ( for ignorance sake) , look at what’s happening…Instead of calmness , genuine care and love, what we see on the ‘major’ is carelessness, greed and fakeness – direct opposite! Its so sad. May our eyes and hearts be open already !


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