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THEY DO!: Tesabel Creations

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Do you love ankara made products? Bags, bangles, earrings, jotter books, or literally anything made of Africa’s finest print? Here is Tesabel creations that suits your heritage urges.

“My name is Testimony Ipaye, I’m a scientist and an entrepreneur, proudly African, Nigerian to be precise. I’m from Lagos but I’m mostly in Abuja. I like to dance, sing, read, play games and cook, it really depends on my mood.

I learnt about how to make Ankara acessories after secondary school. I have always liked it and wanted to make them for people. I had the idea of starting the business Spetember 2019. I decided to start making Ankara bangles.”

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Testimony Ipaye makes Ankara products, the bangles, earrings, fabric covered jotter book and is planning on coming out with a slippers line.

“…and now we’re planning on launching our bag and footwear line next year.”

There are more Ankara products coming in! Imagine owning a matching set of merchandise, a fine orange print set of earrings, bangles, the jotter book you’ll use to write beautiful notes, a bag and then slippers all in the same matching colours. Mixing different patterns would be good too because that’s the new trend…mix to match. And Ankara definitely pops in a place full of people wearing different attires.

And they make good social media pictures. Wearing any of the merchandise and with good lighting, the best of Instagram and Facebook pictures can be taken. And the likes too, everybody loves attractive things and would want to have one. Especially your peer group, to do a matching during outings!

“I want to change the mind set of the people, especially the youth of our generation. Most people now prefer other clothing to our Ankara prints made clothes. I just want to show people that Ankara prints can be very beautiful and can be styled fashionably and decently.”

The British brought formal dressing and Ankara moved out of the equation except during traditional ceremonies, cultural day and religious prayer days. Even then, some people still sport formal clothing. You’d think that culture meant everything to some people, but they want to feel among so they abort Ankara prints.

Her inspiration comes from Africa as a whole. “Africa as a whole is an inspiration, when I see Ankara materials, I just want to make things out of them. Creative and beautiful things.”

It’s almost an urge she has to satisfy. Look at Ankara materials and immediately start working on different projects.

Let’s await the bag and footwear collection coming in 2021. We sure hope to change the mind of Africans to appreciate what we have more! And we’d love to see a whole other Ankara products.

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