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ZOBO DRINK. Yoruba slang: /sobo/

I think we all need to stan zobo lovers because it’s such a delicate drink to make. A small twist can make or mar your day. 

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Zobo drink is derived from Hibiscus Sabdariffa leaves or mostly known as Roselle leaves which dried and taken from Hibiscus plant species which is a native and original plant from West Africa. In fact, Zobo is a Hausa word for the edible plant that is used to make the drink. 

There are many names given to this peculiar drink. For example, it has been named “Sorrel” by Caribbean people, “Karkade” by Sudanese people, and “Aguas Frescas” by Mexican people. In general, “Zobo drink” is the common name for this popular traditional drink from Nigeria.

The major producer of this drink is the are Yorubas and Hausas in Nigeria. The people there have made it into other dishes and drinks such as tea, soup, and even jams.

Zobo drink can be found easily in many international restaurants or Nigerian restaurants. The experience I got from last month’s Zobo has left me on cloud nine ever since, so refreshing and delicious! 

Don’t be bothered health nuts, Zobo has a lot of health benefits and contains nutrition to prevent and cure certain illnesses.

Zobo is prepared by boiling the previously washed hibiscus leaves. Hibiscus leaves are the main and compulsory ingredient. To make the drink delicious and unique, additional ingredients like ginger, pineapples, cloves, sweetener ( sugar, flavouring, date powder, etc) and any citrus fruits of your choice are added to the mix. 

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