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The results collection process for the Kogi State governorship election has begun, according to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Following the collation of election results from 18 of Kogi State’s 21 local government areas, there is a close contest between Murtala Ajaka, the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) candidate, and Usman Ododo, the All Progressives Congress’ (APC) candidate. The election is scheduled for November 11, 2023.

Following an initial adjournment last night, the results collection process started on Sunday morning.

As of right now, the following LGAs have released their results: Adavi, Ajaokuta, Ankpa, Bassa, Dekina, Idah, Ijumu, Kabba/Bunu, Kogi, Mopa-Muro, Olamaboro, Ofu, Okehi, Omala, Ogori/Magongo, Okene, and Yagba East and Yagba West.

The University of Nigeria’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics), Prof. Johnson Urama, the State Returning Officer, is anticipating the results of the Lokoja, Ibaji, and Igalamela-Odolu Local Government Areas.

Leke Abejide of the African Democratic Party (ADC) and Dino Melaye of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are two more formidable candidates in the race, in addition to Ajaka and Ododo, who served as Governor Yahaya Bello’s former Auditor General of Local Government in Kogi.

Melaye had alerted the authorities on Saturday of “filled result sheets” in the North Central State’s Ogori/Magongo Local Government Area. In addition, the PDP candidate demanded that the exercise be stopped due to violence and vote-buying. Following that, INEC halted voting in nine local government area wards.

Similar to Kogi, governorship elections were held on Saturday in Bayelsa and Imo states. Governor Hope Uzodimma of the APC defeated 15 rivals, including Samuel Anyanwu of the PDP and Nneji Achonu of the Labour Party (LP). With 540,308 votes, Uzodimma defeated his nearest competitors, Anyanwu of the PDP (71,503) and Achonu of the LP (64,081).

Below are the results announced by INEC:

Ogori-Magongo LGA (Osebande ward), Kogi State

Accredited voters: 665

APC: 362

SDP: 195

PDP: 86

ADC: 11

LP: 01

NRM: 002

According to the Returning Officer of the local government, Kingsley Ogunnimilo, there were no elections in 10 out of the 11 wards. The result declared above is that of the Osebande ward.

Idah LGA, Kogi State

Accredited voters: 23,044

APC: 2,033

SDP: 20,059

PDP: 271

ADC: 91

LP: 01

NRM: 05

Okehi LGA, Kogi State

Accredited voters: 57,243

APC: 53,062

SDP: 153

PDP: 2,722

ADC: 689

LP: 69

Kabba/Bunu LGA

Accredited voters: 24,242

APC: 12,376

SDP: 942

PDP: 8,566


LP: 07


Yagba East LGA

Accredited voters: 18,001

APC: 7,096

SDP: 312

PDP: 2,615

ADC: 7,453

LP: 01

NRM: 05

Mopamoro LGA, Kogi State

Accreditated voters – 9,193

ADC – 2,027

APP – 48

APC – 5,077

PDP – 1,562

SDP – 253

Ijumu LGA, Kogi State

Accreditated voters 20,405

ADC – 1,898

APC – 10,524

PDP – 6,909

SDP – 356

Adavi LGA, Kogi State

Accreditation voters – 103,651

ADC – 268

APC – 101,156

PDP – 1,005

SDP – 268

Ofu LGA, Kogi State

Accredited voters – 36,087

ADC – 297

APC – 5,245

PDP – 293

SDP – 28,768

Kogi-Kotonkarfi LGA, Kogi State

Accredited voters: 27,184

APC: 14,769

SDP: 8,441

PDP: 2974



Bassa LGA, Kogi State

Accredited voters: 22,276

ADC: 448

APC: 9,515

SDP: 7,543

PDP: 3,605

Omala LGA, Kogi State

Accredited voters: 22,538

ADC: 218

APC: 2,902

SDP: 18,160

PDP: 832

Ankpa LGA, Kogi State 

Registered voters: 180,015


APC: 8,707

SDP: 43,258

PDP: 3.654

Okene LGA

Total of accredited voters – 141,898

ADC: 261

APC: 138,416

PDP: 1,463

SDP: 271

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